Anna Cartwright

Associate Professor of Economics, Coventry University

Anna is an expert in game theory and industrial economics who worked at Exeter University and the University of Kent before joining Coventry University. She is part of the EMPHASIS project looking at the economic business model behind ransomware. She is also a member of the Cyber Security Research Group at the Institute for Future Transport and Cities at Coventry University.

Jason Marshall

Director of KITC Solutions, University of Kent

Jason began as a biologist working for a global pharmaceutical company. He moved from biology, to bioinformatics and finally into software development, working in a range of industries from sport’s science, to finance, to psychology research (when he came to the University of Kent). He now leads the day-to-day operations of KITC Solutions.

Edward Cartwright

Professor of Economics, De Montfort University

Edward is an expert in behavioural science and experimental economics. He was part of the RAMSES project looking at practical solutions to combat ransomware. He is also part of the EMPHASIS project looking at the economics of ransomware. He is a member of the Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University and also director of the Institute for Applied Economics and Social Value.

Siraj Shaikh

Professor of Computing, Coventry University

Siraj leads the Cyber Security Research Group at Coventry University. In 2016, he co-founded CyberOwl, which is a commercial venture involved in developing early warning system for cyber threats, cyber-physical platform health and prognostics. He is also part of the ECSEPA project, investigating evidenced based cyber-security policy making.

Panos Andrikopoulos

Professor of Finance, Coventry University

Panos is an expert in behavioural finance and has experience in modelling bankruptcy and default risk of SMEs using alternative methodological frameworks. He is Executive Director of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity at Coventry University.