The cyber-security health-check will take about an hour and be conducted by two consultants at KITC Solutions (the University of Kent’s student staffed digital consultancy).

The main purpose of the health-check is to walk clients through the Small Business Guide or Small Charity Guide (as appropriate) produced by the National Cyber Security Centre. These guides provide five quick and easy steps that organisations can take to significantly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. As well as summarising the relevant advice the consultants are there to answer questions and, where relevant, point clients to further sources of information produced by the National Cyber Security Centre and law enforcement.

The health-check is not designed to be a comprehensive test of an organisations cyber security capability. It is more an opportunity for owners, trustees or similar to get crucial advice and become more aware of how they can take control against the ever evolving cyber threat. The health-check is useful for those who ‘know nothing about cyber’, to those who consider themselves ‘tech-savy’ and those who outsource cyber-security. The consultants are there to offer bespoke advice relevant to the organisation.

The health check is delivered by the student consultants at KITC Solutions. Founded in October 2004, KITC solutions operates as a simulated business, providing both commercial services and an educational experience in a safe and reflective atmosphere. Many of the consultants have completed industrial placements at major companies such as Intel, IBM and Microsoft, giving them significant experience in both business and technical roles. The relationship between the KITC consultants and their clients are managed by full-time IT professionals and are closely mentored by staff members of the School of Computing.